Banner The Internet is full of great advice about how to sell a book, but what about after the sale? When my first book came out, I found it was surprisingly hard to find answers to some basic questions. Like most authors, I learned most of the answers through trial and error. And so in anticipation of the launch of my new novel, The Night Gardener, I’ve decided to write down everything I learned so I don’t make the same mistakes twice!

AFTER THE BOOK DEAL is a month-long blog series detailing the twenty things I wish someone had told me before entering the exciting world of children’s publishing. Each weekday from now until MAY 20, I will be posting an article on a different blog. Many of these sites will also be doing Night Gardener giveaways, so please follow along and spread the word!


WEEK ONE: Before Your Book Comes Out  4/21 - Finding Your Tribe: entering the publishing community 4/22 - Do I Really Need a Headshot?: crafting your public persona 4/23 - I Hate Networking: surviving social media 4/24 - A Night at the Movies: the ins and outs of book trailers 4/25 -  Giveaways! ... are they worth it?

WEEK TWO: Your Book Launch 4/28 - Can I have Your Autograph?: 5 things to do before your first signing 4/29 -  Cinderella at the Ball: planning a successful book launch 5/1 - Being Heard in the Crowd: conferences and festivals 5/2 - The Loneliest Writer in the World: surviving no-show events

WEEK THREE: The Business of Being an Author 5/5 - Handling Reviews ... the Good and the Bad! 5/6 - Back to the Grindstone: writing your next book 5/7 - The Root of All Evil: some thoughts on money 5/8 - The Green-Eyed Monster: some thoughts on professional jealousy

WEEK FOUR: Ongoing Promotion 5/12 - Death by 1000 Cuts: Keeping ahead of busywork 5/13 - Can You Hear Me Now? Tips for Skype visits 5/14 -  School Days: crafting an effective school program 5/15 -  This Part is Awkward: navigating appearance fees 5/16 - The Time Has Come: last words