I'm on Brain Burps!

You may recall that I went on blogging hiatus a few months back to complete the illustrations for Peter Nimble.[1. This was an ordeal that ended in my losing my eyesight for a few days. You can read about it here.]  One of the wonderful things about drawing for days on end was that it gave me time to listen to all the audiobooks and podcasts I'd been putting off.  One of the best things I listened to during this time was Katie Davis' Brain Burps About Books

Brain Burps is a podcast dedicated to the world of children's literature -- every week Katie has marketing tips, business talk, interviews, and book reviews.  I listened to every back episode of Katie's Podcast (nearly 50 hours!) while drawing one particularly frustrating picture.  To my mind, this will always be the "Katie Davis" chapter:

So imagine my delight when Katie Davis asked if she could interview me for her show!  We had a great time trying to conduct a conversation in post-hurricane conditions.  Among the topics covered were inspirations for Peter Nimble, the importance of rules in a magical world, and our mutual love of the movie Jaws.[2. As if Katie wasn't cool enough to begin with, I learned in the interview that she was actually in the movie Jaws as an extra!]

Anyone interested in entering the world of children's literature need only to listen to Katie's show to learn the ropes ... any why not start with my episode?  Check it out!