Friday is for WINNERS!!!

Last month's Kindle giveaway came to an end, which means it's time to announce the winner! I actually had to draw a winner twice. Here's the story:

Over the course of the contest, I compiled my list of entries based on people who re-tweeted the announcement. Using a random number picker, I landed on blogger and Harry Potter nut Stephanie Pellegrin. I excitedly contacted Steph to let her know she had been chosen. In hindsight, this was a mistake, because when I dug through records to see what her #GreatestThiefWhoEverLived confession was, I couldn't find it.

I asked her to re-send it to me, and that's when she emailed with the confession that she hadn't written one! Points for honesty, but with a prize this size, I through it was important to play strictly by the rules. Steph took the bad news like a true Hufflepuff. I offered her a free signed copy of Peter Nimble, but she told me that she already had one from my debut signing at ALA. And so as a (very meagre) consolation prize, I drew the picture of Stephanie's tragic tale, shown above. Moral of the story: Stephanie Pellegrin is awesome and you should become her friend.

So who was the "some other jerk" who actually won the prize? I picked another random number from the list of entries and ended up with Joseph Garcia of San Jacinto. Joseph actually took the children's literature course that Mary and I co-taught last spring. He is also an aspiring comic artist -- check out this awesome picture he drew of an Octopus-Shark-Stingray-Crab Monster:

Yikes! That thing puts Holo-Shark to shame! One can only imagine that the man twisted enough to draw the above creature would have a really great #GreatestThiefWhoEverLived confession. Let's see, shall we?

Awwww, so sweet.[1. Also, accurate -- I have seen Joe's beard in person, and I can confirm that it is indeed terrifying!] That guy deserves a free Kindle!

For those wondering what MY greatest thieving confession might be, I urge you to check out my recent interview at the National Post, where among other topics, I discuss my past life of crime!