A Tale of Two Bookstores ...

This week Borders booksellers filed for bankrupcy.  This is a really sad thing, but it has been coming for a while now.  I started to suspect something was wrong at the company about a year ago.  It happened one afternoon when I simply needed to track down a copy of Charles Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit.  So I hopped in my car and drove to nearest Borders. Back then, I generally preferred Borders to Barnes & Noble because the staff was a) more knowledgeable and b) less likely to try and sell me a Nook.  Anyway, when I walked into the store, here's what I found:

That's right; they had fifteen different Dickens titles, but no Martin Chuzzlewit.  So I got back in my car and headed on over to Barnes & Noble:

Out of just three Dickens books, one was Martin Chuzzlewit. What's the moral of the story?  Barnes & Noble is staffed by secret mind readers.

Don't feel bad, Borders.  No one can compete with that.