Hello Again ...

The last five weeks have been an insane grind for Team Auxier.   I was planning to do several posts announcing various things as they came up, but time got away from me.  Instead, I'm just going down the list ...


I've been touring schools and bookstores all over California -- about thirty events in the last month.  (Click here to see pictures from a recent event ... and video of me doing a favorite YO-YO trick!)  I also managed to sneak out to Wordstock in Portland and the Miami Book Fair International.[1. Where I had a fantastic time hanging out with the likes of Tom Angleberger, Dan Santat, Grace Lin, Gene Yang, and Matt Phelan! Even better, I got Dan to promise to put me into his next picture book!]


To real producers!  With real money!  The story is one I've been working on for a while -- a period ghost tale in the tradition of Washington Irving about a haunted tree.  The one problem was that selling the movie meant I had to completely  re-write the last half while on book tour.  I finished last night! 


This month, Mary and I packed up all our dishes and made the 3000 mile trek to Pittsburgh, PA![1. Actually Mary packed our house; I was too busy hanging out at schools and bookstores.]  The 'Burgh is a wonderful city that has topped virtually every "most livable" list for the last decade.  Also, we met there. 


One great thing about Pittsburgh is an abundance of amazing old homes.  Coming from the West Coast, I thrill at the idea of living in something not covered in stucco.  As of last night, Mary and I are the owners of this hundred year-old gem on a tree-lined street in Regent Square.  How's that for a black Friday purchase?


You might be asking yourself why a young couple might leave sunny Los Angeles for snowy Pittsburgh?  Well, Mary grew up here, and we want to be near family when we have our baby in May.  Did I mention we're having a baby?  Because we so totally are.