Win a Copy of Peter Nimble on a FREE KINDLE!!!

 You may recall me mentioning that Peter Nimble & His Fantastic Eyes comes out this week!  To celebrate, I'm giving away a FREE KINDLE with a copy of the book on it![1. I should note that the idea for this contest was swiped from Nathan Bransford, who gave away a Kindle for his recent novel Jacob Wonderbar.  Nathan is a great blogger and brilliant promoter.  His contest was pretty much the only giveaway I've ever entered. Also, his book is pretty great!]

But first, please consider buying a hard copy of Peter Nimble.  You can order it at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or you can pick it up at your local bookstore.  Abrams and Penguin Canada have done an exquisite job of making the book a beautiful object.[2. And I mean beautiful.  It's printed on high-quality acid-free stock. The edges are beveled.  From the dust jacket to the casing, this is one fine piece of paper! (all credit for the look of the book goes to the brilliant Chad W Beckerman)]  For those who don’t know, Peter Nimble & His Fantastic Eyes is a middle-grade adventure about a ten year-old orphan who happens to be the greatest thief who ever lived.  It's got mischief, danger, riddles, vanished kingdoms, and a whole lot of swashbuckling!  To read a slew of glowing reviews, click here or here.

Enough talk, let's get back to the contest!  Since Peter Nimble is the greatest thief who ever lived, I thought I'd make this contest about sharing our own darkest crimes ...


1)  Follow me on Twitter.  (click here)

2)  Re-Tweet this contest announcement. (click here)

3)  The third and final step is to post a tweet sharing the awesomest thing you've ever stolen (or wish you could steal)!  You MUST include the following hashtag: #GreatestThiefWhoEverLived

For Example:

  • I've always wanted to steal a traffic cone to wear like a hat! #GreatestThiefWhoEverLived
  • I once "borrowed" all my little sister’s Halloween Candy! Yum! #GreatestThiefWhoEverLived
  • Stole my wife's heart! #GreatestThiefWhoEverLived

Confession time, people!  Everyone’s either stolen or dreamed of stealing something awesome before  -- and now’s your chance to come clean!  The answers can be serious, or silly, or sappy ... just make sure they include the #GreatestThiefWhoEverLived hashtag.  The winner will be selected on August 15th at midnight … Now get Tweeting![3. A few rules:  US residents only. Only one entry per person.  Winner will be selected at random (using and notified by DM. Winner will receive an Amazon Kindle-With-Special-Offers Wi-Fi 6” Graphite Reading Device and an eBook copy of Peter Nimble & His Fantastic Eyes. Please note that I am not liable for any trouble you find yourself in for confessing past crimes. Also, I am in no way condoning theft or lawlessness.]

For those of you who hate Kindles and have already read Peter Nimble, I'm running a special t-shirt giveaway that you can enter here!  Seriously good odds on this one, folks!