Peter Nimble Hits Stores Today!

Well, the time has finally come!  Peter Nimble & His Fantastic Eyes is officially out!  Today, a blind, friendless orphan floats out into the Wide World ...

Poor kid.  All he really wants is for a nice person to adopt him.  If you do run into Peter Nimble, here's how you should react:

And then you should buy him and take him home!  If my recommendation isn't enough, check out what some recent reviewers had to say about the book:

"Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes is as delightful a magical story as readers ages 9-14 will hope to find. Part hero quest, part orphan saga, and wholly captivating" - Wall Street Journal

"A charming, adventurous, delightful gem of a novel about a brave boy that is both thief and a hero. I loved it from start to end. That is all."  - BookSmugglers

"A stunning, stunning debut novel. Brilliantly conceived, filled with masterful descriptions that provoke not only the imagination with sights, but also with sounds, smells and touch.  From the first few paragraphs I was spiraled into a story, much like Alice falling down her rabbit hole, and caught up in a tale of the completely fantastic and I loved every single second of it.  Every one." - Lost Entwife Reviews

"Anything can happen in debut author Jonathan Auxier's fantastical world. Even kids who read widely and suspect from the beginning that blind, orphaned Peter Nimble is destined for great things will be caught up in the suspenseful doings and surprise twists. And this book may well convert those who don't consider themselves readers." - Shelf Awareness

Plus there's this crop of glowing trade reviews from Publisher's Weekly, Quill & Quire, School Library Journal, and Kirkus!  And if that's not enough, I will direct you to my homeboy Darth, who knows a thing or two about good stories:


BUT ENOUGH TALK -- let's get to the facts! Here's everything you need to know about the Greatest Thief Who Ever Lived:[1. It's probably worth mentioning that the format of this announcement post has been modeled after author Catherynne M Valente, who knows a thing or two about promotion.]

  • Canadian readers (and I know you're out there!) can order a copy of the lovely Penguin edition, which will ship on August 9.[2. The eBook and audio versions are still being finalized; I will keep you posted as to when they will hit stores.]
  • If you'd like to read the first chapter of the book, you can do so here.

HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP.  If you are so inclined, here are some super easy things to do that will go a long way toward spreading the word:

  • Buy the Book! Either for yourself or for a young reader in your life.  Early sales go a long way toward helping a new book break out from the pack!   If you've read and enjoyed the book, loan it to a friend -- the more people that know about Peter the better!
  • Come to an event!  I'll be having a launch party at Books of Wonder in New York on August 11th from 5-7pm.  After that, I will be back in California doing events all over the area -- stay tuned for details!  If you're not in the area, please swing by my Author Q&A on Goodreads.  Also, if you're a book store, library, or school in the Southern California area, feel free to contact me about setting up an event!
  • Write a Review!  If you read and enjoyed the book, please, please, please take a few minutes to write a review on Amazon and Goodreads -- that kind of feedback goes a long way to help get the word out!  If you're a blogger or book critic, I'd love to send you an ARC (or you can download it from NetGalley).
  • Ask Your Local Bookseller for the BookWith so many books out this fall, a lot of smaller bookstores won't necessarily have a copy in stock -- and that's why it is SO IMPORTANT to let stores know that you want to see Peter Nimble on the shelf!  Don't know where your nearest bookstore is?  Click here!
  • Request Peter Nimble at your Library.  Same as above, libraries won't carry a book unless they know that people will check it out.  This has the added advantage of letting you read the book for free!  And who doesn't like free?
  • Spread the word online!  Post a link to the book on your Facebook page or blog.  Or you can re-tweet this announcement.  If you're a book blogger, I'm spending this month doing guest posts and interviews all over the web and would love to contribute to your site!
  • Get your Friend/Spouse/Mother to write an Amazon ReviewAgain, I cannot stress how helpful user reviews are -- you don't need to be a book critic to have an opinion!  In fact, to sweeten the deal, I'm giving away five Peter Nimble t-shirts to randomly-selected people who leave reviews (good or bad) on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble.  Each review posted counts as an entry, which means you can triple your chances by posting to all three sites! T-shirts, people! [3. Some basic rules: winners will be chosen by random number picker on August 31. Names will be announced on this blog, so make sure to come by at the end of the month to see if you've won!]

And last, but certainly not least, everybody should ...


see you then.