Pashminas and Pipes ...

The above picture is a mulberry tree I drew for my cousin Sarah's wedding invitations.  The wedding itself was a wonderful, magical event -- unlike any I had ever attended.  All those who plan on inviting me a wedding in the future, please take careful notes:

- They fed us barbecue cooked over an old chuck wagon

- They filled the grounds with tiny fire pits and dusty wingback chairs

- The Ring-bearer came down on a zip-line, wearing a Jedi robe

Even better were the gifts for guests.  Women were all given pashmina shawls to keep warm into the night.  Men were each given a handmade tobacco pouch and new pipe.  Being a master of the Pretentious Arts, I was asked to draw instructions on how to pack and light a pipe:

Congratulations, Sarah and Jake.  You kids deserve every happiness.