Hop Aboard the Cockeyed Caravan!

Hey readers! Today I wrote a guest post over at Matt Bird's screenwriting blog, the Cockeyed Caravan. I've been a huge fan of Matt's writing for a while now. He is wise, thoughtful, and occasionally very funny. His site has two main features. First, he writes reviews of overlooked movies (my post is a collection of four underrated favorites). His second feature -- and this is the stuff I love -- is a series of columns about writing called the "Storyteller's Rulebook." I'm not generally a fan of writing advice, but Matt knows how to do it right. He assumes you have figured out the basics and dives into the hard stuff. Some of my favorite posts are his take on the old cliche "show, don't tell" and his Paul Harvey-style piece about Freud and Jung and Tony and Don.

But before you go check out my list of overlooked movies, I thought I'd make things fun and let you guess as to what they might be. So I made my very own set of MOVIE INVISIBLES! "Invisibles" were a bunch of quizzes that Film Wise[1. 1. I should point out that official Movie Invisibles look a lot more convincing than what I can do] published to great success back in the old web 1.0 days. Basically, they show you a still from a movie with all the actors' faces scrubbed out, and you have to guess what it's from. Piece of cake, right? Without further ado:

If you want to learn the answers, you'll have to mosey on over to the Cockeyed Caravan.  Let me know how many you got right in the comments!

Speaking of comments -- If you're still looking for something to read, you should check out some of the brilliant observations readers left on Monday's post about the whole Huck Finn debacle -- one of the perks of having  children's lit scholar friends is that they occasionally post on your blog to tell you why you're WRONG.