Adventures in Reading …

A while back, my wife and I contributed content to a textbook called Children’s Books and the Developing Reader. I also drew illustrations for the chapters. While switching computers, I came across the files and thought they might be worth posting …

reading final web

fishing final web

balloon final web

Mountain final web orchard final web mines final web Camping final web birds final web sea final web Swing final web

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  • Kerry says:

    These are adorable and really express the love of books and reading! Wonderful, thank you for sharing!

  • Karen Coats says:

    I wrote that textbook–y
    our illustrations were fabulous!

  • Hi Karen! Glad you approve–it was a fun book to work on!


  • Judy Clover says:

    any programs planned in Pgh this summer?

  • Francine Walker says:

    These are great, interesting that as I was reading Sophie And saw the cute but tiny illustrations in the Chapters title, why is that we don’t see more ill full page illustrations in children’s books? I know my kids greatly appreciate them. I figured it might be a cost issue, but if you can do you own… It sure would set your titles apart!

  • Natalie Johnson says:

    Love the illustrations… I have 10 year old boy and girl twins who I am setting a goal to have quite time ( kinda late in the game I know) several nights a week and start on one of your books. I saw you on The World Over and hope to promote your books at the two small private schools in our area: St. Monica School and The Highlands school ( Mrs. Tammy Tran). Best of luck to you.

  • Thanks so much for the kind words!

  • Alison says:

    hi mr.auxier our teacher is dayna dixon we c’ant wait to meet you

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