This week I finished the last of the illustrations for Sophie Quire — 45 drawings in all! Here are a few of my favorites; light spoilers ahead  …

The Bookmender of Bustleburgh

3 - Bookmender of B copy

Deeds of Derring-Don’t
2 - Derring Dont copyThe Book of Who5 - Book of Who copyThe Mandrake11 - Mandrake copyTrapped in the Menagerie22 - Trapped in the M copy
Into the Hinterlands26 - Into Hinterlands copyThe Lighthouse at the End of the World31 - Lighthouse copyEverything But the Kitchen Sink42 - Kitchen Sink copy

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  • Wow! 45 drawings…? That´s impressive!! :DD I like so much Deeds of Derring-Don’t´s drawing -it looks like our small former thief grew up, he´s now a heroic hero, hehe!
    I´m waiting anxiously SOPHIE QUIRE arrives in Brazil… I´m really looking forward to see Peter again!
    Have a good job, Mr. Auxier! :DD

  • Hayley says:

    I love these illustrations – they perfectly fit the characters and the tone of the book.

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