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After nine long years, The Night Gardener is finally out in the world. I am overjoyed with the support that this book has already found among both readers and reviewers.

If you are so inclined, here are some super easy things to do that will go a long way toward spreading the word:

  • Buy the Book! Either for yourself or for a young reader in your life. Early sales go a long way toward helping a new book break out from the pack! If you’ve read and enjoyed the book, loan it to a friend—the more people that know about The Night Gardener the better!
  • Come to an event! I’ll be having a launch party at the CC Mellor Library in Pittsburgh on Sat, May 31 from 2-4pm–children are welcome! Also, if you’re a bookstore, library, or school in the Pittsburgh area, feel free to contact me about setting up an event!
  • Write a Review! If you read and enjoyed the book, please, please, please take a few minutes to write a review on Amazon and Goodreads—that kind of feedback goes a long way to help get the word out!
  • Ask Your Local Bookseller for the BookWith so many books out this spring, a lot of smaller bookstores won’t necessarily have a copy in stock—and that’s why it is SO IMPORTANT to let stores know that you want to see The Night Gardener on the shelf! Don’t know where your nearest bookstore is? Click here!
  • Request The Night Gardener at your Library. Same as above, libraries won’t carry a book unless they know that people will check it out. This has the added advantage of letting you read the book for free! And who doesn’t like free?
  • Spread the word online!  Post a link to the book on your Facebook page or blog. Or you can tweet this announcement.

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  • Ross says:

    Obviously, The Night Gardener was just released and I have purchased it ! However, I was wondering how long it takes the audiobook version to come out. My kids and I LOVED listening to Peter Nimble on while on road trips. I am so excited to get started reading TNG !! Thank you so much !

  • Lynne says:

    My son met you at Markham Elementary in Mt Lebo last school year, and has an autographed copy of Peter Nimble. He’s working with his former reached at Markham over the summer on a few books and some reading assignments. Do you have a reading guide? Teacher guide or 8-10 questions for my son to think about and answer as he reads this new book? He’s excited to start reading!

  • Rachel says:

    I happened upon your novel in the new book display at our library. I like gardening, so I was intrigued by the title. I’m glad I gave it a go, because it was quite a spectacular read! It had a Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell feel to it. Definitely one I’ll be saving to read to my littles when they’re older. Thank you for this magnificent and magical addition to children’s literature. I look forward to reading Peter Nimble now that I’ve discovered your writing.

  • I borrowed this book from my local library to my kindle and I loved it! This would make a fantastic horror movie. It has everything: suspense, humor, deception, greed, love, fear, loyalty, everything.

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