Viva Las Vegas!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of hanging out with thousands of English teachers at the NCTE Annual Convention.1  I’m not a fan of Vegas, but I am a fan of English teachers, and it was a fun time packed with parties and luncheons and various meet-and-greets.  I was able to reconnect with authors like Shannon Hale, Cecil Castellucci, and Jennifer Holm.  I may or may not have teared up when I finally got to meet Jon Szieszka.


Abrams also had me at their booth signing copies of Peter Nimble, which they were selling at cost.  In a convention hall awash in free ARCs, even discounted books are a tough sell — I felt like I needed to find a way to draw passers-by, which led to this:

I had a stack of 11×17″ paper and a pretty steady line of people eager to receive crappy portraits — so much fun!

The highlight of the weekend was getting to finally meet the geniuses behind the Nerdy Book Club! Colby, Donalyn, and Cindy threw a party on Friday, and it was a blast.  The NBC blog has a convention wrap-up, including a video of me doing an impromptu yo-yo show:


  1. The event felt very similar to ALA Annual, but with a somewhat smaller publisher presence … which actually made it easier to connect with people.

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  • james f says:

    Loved the video!!! Made me want to read the book again!!!

  • Carla Luz says:

    Hi! I’m from Brazil and I’m reading this book (Peter Nimble and his fantastic eyes). This book is really good! I’m in love with it! Very Good! In Brasil, we have a different name for the book, mas it’s good to!

  • Carla Luz says:

    Ah! I forgot to tell… I think that this book is the new Harry Potter! It’s very very good! I saw this in the bookstore and I felt that it will be a good story. Thanks!

  • Alivia says:


    (How about if I say please?)


    (Okay, you’ve reduced me to begging…pretty please?)

    (Seriously. Come on. You’re not going to make me do this, are you?)

    (You are. Of course you are. Well, here goes…)

    (Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top???)

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