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I’ve got an interview up at the WIRED GeekDad blog today.  This is a big deal for me, as I’ve been a gigiantic fan of the blog ever since they taught me about this dot-matrix printer made from Legos and Crayola markers:

I was interviewed by Jonathan Liu, who also happens to be a virtuoso Etch-a-Sketch artist.  Check it out:

You can see more of his wizardry at Rainy Bay Art.  (He also does commissions … don’t think I’m not tempted!)

And while you’re at it, check out our interview.  Mr Liu and I covered a ton of great topics — including the importance of men modeling reading, the impact of nonsense on children’s literature, the writing process, Laurence Sterne, yo-yos, etc.  Also, I finally talk about the single work of children’s literature that influenced me more than any other!  (Hint: it’s NOT Peter Pan!)  Wanna know what book it was?  Find out here.




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  • Brian F. says:

    I kind of want the Bluth family Etch-a-Sketch hanging on the wall of my office.

  • Jonathan Liu says:

    Hey, Jonathan!
    Just FYI, apologies for the delay in a full review of Peter Nimble. My copy was due at the library, and there are a pile of holds on it — great that people are lining up to read it, but not so great for getting a copy quickly. The publisher was supposed to be sending me one, but it hasn’t arrived yet. But I’m working on it. :)


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