School Visits, T-Shirts, and Signings — Oh my!

Now that the craziness of the book release has calmed down, I’ll be returning to a more regular posting schedule (MWF) in which I discuss broader subjects in children’s books.1

In the meantime, I wanted to share about my absolutely crazy week.  First off, I managed to get invited to an amazing party at author Cornelia Funke’s house.  I got to hang out with a slew of teachers and booksellers … as well as Newbery winning author Susan Patron.2 

Even more awesome, this week I did my very first SCHOOL VISITS!  I did four middle schools in two days — each group was between 300-400 kids.  The presentation included candy, costumes, toilet plungers, yo-yos and, of course, Peter Nimble!   The whole thing culminated in a signing at Redlands Barnes & Noble.  We had a huge turnout of awesome kids at the signing!  Here’s a picture of me doing a little lightning quick sketch-artistry to explain some of the story:  

Also, check out this ridiculous photo from an article in the local paper about the event.  I especially love how this photo features my many weak chins:

I owe a huge thanks to librarian Joan McCall and B&N’s Laurie Aldern for organizing the event.  I’ve got a whole slew of signings and presentations in the coming months … check out my events tab to see the full list. Once I get a few more of these visits under my belt, I’ll be writing a post with tips about what I’ve learned presenting to schools.  Until then, consider booking me in a school or store near you!

This is as good a time as any to point my Los Angeles friends to TWO upcoming signings that I’ll be doing next week:

I will be at the famous Mrs. Nelson’s Books & Toys on Friday the 23rd at 5pm in conjunction with another school visit.  And the following day (Sept 24), I will be at Chevalier’s Books in Los Angeles from 1-3pm.  The store is on Larchmont in Mid-Wilshire.  For my LA friends, I urge you to please, please, PLEASE come to the Chevalier’s signing.  Seriously, what else are you doing at 1pm on a Saturday?

And finally, I’ve picked winners from the Peter Nimble t-shirt giveaway!  The winners were selected from anyone who wrote a Peter Nimble review on Amazon, Goodreads, or B& before August 31.  Here they are:

Karissa Eckert – A creative world, interesting plot, and wonderful characters make this a book that is fun to read and hard to put down.”

Nicola Manning – A wonderful story that quickly grabs your attention with delightful characters one becomes fond of right away.”

Joceline Foley – “Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes is a classic hero-on-a-quest novel, yet it manages to be anything but predictable and boring. The archetypal characters are fresh, funny, and smart.”

Aislynn Thompson – The author did a fantastic job of weaving all the various stories of each character together – from the evil kind, the lost princess, the mysterious desert with the thieves, the crows, the missing children … all of it was woven together into a story that I couldn’t put down!

Francine Kizner – “Peter Nimble is a fun and exciting adventure story that brings a fresh voice and perspective to children’s literature. It’s enthralling, funny, and very entertaining.”

I’ve contacted the winners — congrats, gang!

I’ve had a number of people ask about buying Peter Nimble t-shirts.  For those interested, you can grab one for $20 (this includes shipping).  The shirts are hand-printed on American Apparel 50/50 tees. Please specify size (XS, S, M, L, XL) whether you want green or blue.  Click below to pay through paypal, or contact me directly to mail a check. 


  1. Next week’s topics will include the allure of genre mashups as well as a post about the difference between sarcasm and irony — stay tuned
  2. Susan was delightful and very nice. She’s having a signing at Skylights Books on the 18th for anyone interested in meeting her.

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  • You’re living the dream! I want to live your dream! Give me back my dream!

  • gilliebean says:

    So fun! I hope you’re loving this! It sure seems like you are. :)

  • Yukari M. says:

    Hi! I am TOTALLY interested in purchasing a shirt but I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions first:
    1) Are the shirts unisex?
    2) The color options in the drop-down are “blue on green,” “blue on blue,” and “yellow on black”: are the shirts in the photo “blue on blue”?
    Thank you!

    Also, I told you this on twitter but I just have to reiterate that I love your book and it may be the read aloud I do for 4th grade this year in my library. I’m hoping that some day I can have you to come to my school. In the meantime, I get to say, “Hi!” to you at the SCIBA brunch in October. :)

  • Yukari,
    Great questions!
    1) The shirts are unisex. You can see pics here:
    2) The photos are of blue on blue, yes

    Can’t wait to see you at the SCIBA tea!

  • Yukari M. says:

    Thank you, Jonathan! I just bought my shirt. :)

    Besides the SCIBA event I’ll probably also see you at the Bridge to Books “Why Chromosome” event at the end of October. And I’m actually hoping to invite you to a school event at my library through Mysterious Galaxy; I’ve been emailing with the store’s publicist and I’m planning to get in touch with your publicist tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed it works out.

    P.S. After you see me a lot in the span of a month it may *seem* like I’m stalking you, but I’m really not! ;) Let’s just say I’m stalking your book because I love it so!

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