Darth Vader Takes a Break …

No fancy post today because I’m visiting schools in anticipation of a signing event at Mrs. Nelson’s Bookstore in LaVerne TONIGHT at 5:00pm!!!! Come check it out. If you can’t make that, I’m having my first LA signing tomorrow at Chevalier’s in Hollywood from 1-3pm — please, oh please come!

In the meantime, I thought I’d post a picture I drew a while back.  I was showing my younger cousins Jude and Asher (5 and 7, respectively) how the drawing tablet on my computer worked.  I asked the oldest one what I should draw.  He said, “Darth Vader!”  I asked the younger one where Darth Vader should be.  He said, “In the bathroom!”  And there you have it …

I’ll admit, not my finest work!

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  • brad says:

    You’re not kidding that this isn’t your finest work — you gave him Luke’s lightsaber!


    Congrats on the continuing book tour, etc.

  • J Zimmerman says:

    We always enjoy potty humor in this house – so thank you! But Jude wanted to point out that DV has a red lightsaber.

  • J Zimmerman says:

    Oops – guess we should have read the first comment before adding ours. Now it’s like we are just rubbing it in your face. So, so sorry!

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