PETER NIMBLE is an ABA New Voices Pick!

Every year, the American Bookseller’s Association selects ten children’s books from debut authors for their New Voices list.  I am delighted to announce that Peter Nimble & His Fantastic Eyes made the cut!!!

In fact, little ol’ Abrams had THREE different authors on the list!  Julie Sternberg’s Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie and Troy Howell’s The Dragon of Cripple Creek were also honored!  To see the full ABA New Voices list, click the thumbnail.  Then go out and hug an independent bookseller!


Also, I should remind readers that today is the LAST DAY to enter to win an awesome Peter Nimble T-Shirt! All you have to do is leave a Peter Nimble review (good or bad) at Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes & Noble. Every review you submit counts as an entry, so you can triple your chances by doing all three.  Now get reviewing!1






  1. for official giveaway rules, click here.

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  • Troy Howell says:

    From one debut author to another, congrats on your book! It looks truly fantastic and I look forward to reading it.

  • Alivia says:

    I got the proof read version of the book from my library in return for completing a ‘Read 3, Get 1 Free!’ form…
    You see, at my library middle-schoolers and high-schoolers (or, even more awesome, home-schoolers like me of the same age!) can read three books, write 3 reviews in a small paper foldable form, and turn it in to receive a free book!
    They often have pre-sale proof reading copies available, so I got to read it before most children could – and I’m supremely happy that I did! Now all my friends can envy me…when I FINALLY convince my animal-story loving friends to give fantasy a chance…come on, I even devised a simple library system in my room to make it super easy to borrow a book!
    I wish I had known about the contest – normally, I hate the idea of wearing t-shirts with logos, but Peter Nimble is just so…you know…(as a home schooled kid, I hesitate to use the normal sounding word – ) AWESOME!!!
    Amazing story, I loved it! Hilarious, gross, and reminiscent of ‘The Neverending Story’ for me, actually…
    Alivia J

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