Five Tips for Keeping a Writer’s Journal …

Hey, readers!  Today I’ve got a post over at The O.W.L. about how to keep an artist’s journal.1  I’ve blogged about keeping a journal before, but this time the piece is written for kids who want to start writing.   Still, the five tips I mention are applicable to pretty much everybody.  Also, the site is giving away a copy of Peter Nimble to one lucky commenter — you should check it out!

  1. O.W.L. stands for “Outrageously Wonderful Literature,” of course!

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  • Fuse #8 says:

    Or you could say that the image is a reference to the great Anne Carroll Moore’s regular feature “The Three Owls”. Eh? Eh?

  • I am embarrassed to say I had never heard of Anne Carroll Moore or her column! What a beautiful totem for the “artist, writer, and critic.” Thank you for pointing it out! I may just have to sneak three owls into a next book …

  • Mike Lewis says:


    That is so incredibly outstanding. I really can’t even begin to place a value on resources such as those blog posts. It’s pieces like those that dispel the common misnomers of technology in the classroom.

    I had to fight to get acces to blogs, and this is why. I would so much rather share what authors do as opposed to “teaching” them what to do. It’s just so much more authentic.

    Thanks again.

  • theresa auxier says:

    i was so amazed to see someone with my last name had written a book. i’m an avid reader so i know what i’ll be reading from now on. congratulations!!! we’ll be looking for more after we finish the one we just bought

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