GIVEAWAY PART II: Bigger, Badder, Givier!

Hello readers!  I’m excited to announce phase two of the Peter Nimble giveaway!1  This time around, I’m giving away five prizes! 

Each winner will receive a Peter Nimble galley as well as a rad Peter Nimble t-shirt!  These shirts were designed with the help of Nick Caruso from Campfire Goods and will be printed on American Apparel 50/50 tees.  While I was up in Canada, I got the neighbour kid to model a shirt for the site:


Nifty, right?2  To enter, just do THREE simple things:

1)  Like my Facebook author page or add me to your circle on Google+

2)  Follow me on Twitter

3)  Spread the word by re-tweeting this message

If you want to read the first chapter of the book, mosey on over here.  I’ve also listed a few reviews here.  Now get Tweeting before I sick the Beibster on you!3

  1. For the curious, there is a phase three and the prize is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
  2. The shirts are currently being printed, which is why I couldn’t show a real photo. Just to be clear: actual t-shirts will not come with Justin Beiber inside them. Sorry ladies.
  3. A few rules: Each person will only be entered once. US and Canadian applicants only. The contest will end at Midnight PST, July 31. Winner will be selected by randomizer and notified by direct message.

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  • kbryna says:

    jeez. already added you to google+ and already follow you on twitter. have no interest in bieber. have much interest in book. also curious how you and siobhan v. know each other? (she was the one whose link I followed to get here in the first place; and campfire tshirts’ nick caruso is her betrothed. affianced, even).

    hurray for promotional swag!

  • Kelly says:

    Can’t wait for you to send all the fun stuff my way…wait! You still need to pick my name! Waiting very impatiently…

  • Meredith says:

    Are you printing extra t-shirts, so we can buy them and sport them as a family on our next vacation?

  • Kerry,
    I met Siobhan last year through a mutual friend. She’s pretty rad (par for the course for Pittsburghers)! I will do us both a favor and pretend I didn’t hear that bit about not liking Bieber.

  • Mary Ann says:

    the students at our library would love to read this! I’ll offer the t-shirt as a prize for our book club members! It’s been fun watching you promote your new book. Best of luck with your launch!

  • Mary Ann: Thanks for swinging by! A while back, I was really taken by your Father’s Day post — I should have reached out to you then … you run a pretty great blog! (also, thanks for +1ing the Lemme Library review!)

  • Book looks great–I love the cover art!

  • Roboseyo says:

    I want a custom version of the book with that picture of justin bieber on the dust jacket.

  • Arielle K. says:

    Yeah, what Meredith said! I would totally buy PN tees for the whole family if I could! Also, I am not on the twitters so I couldn’t tweet about the contest but I did the other 2 things…

  • Orchid says:

    Now that is book based shirt I would wear.
    Loved Peter Nimble (I’ll have my review of it up in time for the release), it was one of my favorites of the year. =)

    Added to my Google+ circle
    follwing on Twitter (@HauntedOrchid)
    tweeted the other day.

    The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

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