Book Launch Party In New York!

The first time I visited New York as a young adult, there was just one bookish attraction I wanted to see.  It wasn’t the statue of Alice Liddell in Central Park.  Nor was it Patience and Fortitude outside the NY public library.  No, what I wanted to see was the world-famous Books of Wonder bookstore!  Up to that point, I had never been inside a store completely dedicated to children’s books — and what a store it was!  To this day, I always make a point of stepping inside to lose myself for an hour or two. 

This fact is among many reasons that I am immensely pleased to announce that on August 11, Mary and I will be at Books of Wonder for a Peter Nimble Launch Party!


I cannot stress how much I would love to pack out this store!  Bring a million friends! There will be games, readings, giveaways of awesome t-shirts, and snacks!  Please note the awesomeness of that last fact.  Snacks, people! Take it away, Andrew:

Please come by and say hello! It’s going to be an awesome time.  As for my besties on the West coast, details coming soon on a big LA signing event at the end of August!

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  • John Hendrix says:

    wish I could be there!!!

  • kbryna says:

    Books of Wonder!!!! {preteen girl squealing} I’ve never been – I haven’t really been to New York in ages and ages and ages – but I love Books of Wonder anyway! How exciting to have a book launch party THERE!
    Are you allowed to have favorite passages? Isn’t that like a parent having a favorite child?

    There will be snacks! [I love Andrew Bird to a rather pathetic extreme – I’m always excited when I see anything that references him].

    I also need to say I LOVE the Peter Nimble cover art and typeface. It’s fantastically gorgeous.

  • Roboseyo says:

    let me know when the opening party in Seoul is.

  • Mike says:

    I’ve been talking about getting to NYC all summer. Thanks for the awesome excuse to make it happen!

  • Mike! Fantastic that you’ll be able to get out for this — it’s about time we hung out in person!

  • Leah says:

    Hey Jonathan, congratulations on your book! That’s so exciting! Will you be making “Peter Nimble” available as an ebook? I also want to point out that the word “release” is on the above ad twice, not that it’s a big deal.

  • Leah,
    Can’t believe I missed the double “release!” Good catch!

  • Fuse #8 says:

    I’ve got all these folks beat. I’m bringing you my first born child.

  • I am very much looking forward to reading this…and recommending it to kids at my school!

    Congratulations on your debut!


  • Emily Jones says:

    Hey Jonathan,
    So looking forward to celebrating your launch tomorrow. How exciting!


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