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Here’s another thing that makes Mary awesome: she lets me draw tattoos on her!  Pretty much every night while she’s reading in bed, I pull out a pen and give her a sweet tat on her arm, shoulder, or foot.1  I work with a variety of themes in my art — most of them are slightly more violent re-imaginings of Lisa Frank pictures.2 Take this most recent example, which I have titled “Zebra with Machine Gun”:

Please note how the Artist has chosen to make the bullets from the machine gun go all the way around the arm and then explode in back of the Zebra’s head! Genius!  Now if only she’d let me frame the original…3

  1. I have tried, more than once, to tattoo her face, but for some reason, she refuses.
  2. To see more of my Fine Art, I direct readers to check out “Easter Bunny vs. Holo-Shark” and “Editorus Rex
  3. Roald Dahl actually wrote a terrifying, brilliant short story entitled “Skin” in which an old man has a tattoo on his back done by a famous artist. The story does not end well for the old man.

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  • kbryna says:

    That Roald Dahl story is profoundly creepy. I read it first when I was probably too young for such creepiness. Maybe that is why I have always had a shuddering aversion to actual tattoos? [that zebra reminds me more of the FruitStripe gum zebra than Lisa Frank’s fine art. but I do love the idea of more violent reimaginings of Lisa Frank, whose brain evidently consisted solely of glitter, rainbows, unicorns and large-eyed kittens]

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