Pashminas and Pipes …

The above picture is a mulberry tree I drew for my cousin Sarah’s wedding invitations.  The wedding itself was a wonderful, magical event — unlike any I had ever attended.  All those who plan on inviting me a wedding in the future, please take careful notes:

– They fed us barbecue cooked over an old chuck wagon

– They filled the grounds with tiny fire pits and dusty wingback chairs

– The Ring-bearer came down on a zip-line, wearing a Jedi robe

Even better were the gifts for guests.  Women were all given pashmina shawls to keep warm into the night.  Men were each given a handmade tobacco pouch and new pipe.  Being a master of the Pretentious Arts, I was asked to draw instructions on how to pack and light a pipe:

Congratulations, Sarah and Jake.  You kids deserve every happiness.

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  • Roboseyo says:

    my brother bought me my first pipe, and taught me how to smoke it. There’s a trick to tamping it so that it doesn’t go out, and a pace to smoking it so that you can look pretentious without (again) your tobacco going out.

    The pipe he bought me had a bowl four times the size of his pipe, and I was less accustomed to smoking it; by the time I finished, he’d always been done for twenty minutes, and I’d be lightheaded for the rest of the night.

    But yes, I own my own pipe. Now all I need is a cardigan with elbow patches and a combover.

  • Rebecca says:

    There’s a fantastic photo of my dad in the 70s smoking a pipe with a full beard and a glint in his eye. Although it wasn’t a cardigan, I also remember him wearing a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches when I was small. Obviously, my dad is awesome.

    Additionally, having a zip-lining Jedi ring-bearer is GENIUS!

  • josh says:

    I had no desire to smoke a pipe, ever, until just now. How come no one ever told me about the pipe elves!?!?

  • Deb says:

    I still remember Dan & I picking out that pipe. We had to try out the two pipes. Dan took the one and put on his best British accent and went “Hm hm hm hm hm” in a terribly pretentious voice. The one that “fit” the best with that was the one we bought for Rob…

  • Chrissy says:

    It was THE most magical wedding night for the not newly married! There must be other events to get us back together with pipes and fires!

  • kbryna says:

    that sounds kind of incredible. And pipes are wonderful – the smell of pipe tobacco reminds me of my great-grandfather.The whole tweedy-professor-with-pipe look is one of my favorites, and I feel a bit sad I’m a girl and thus cannot really do that look myself.

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