Mary is an insane crafter.  I turn my back for ten seconds, and the next thing I know she’s making a quilt, or painting a chair, or re-wiring an old chandelier.  As you can imagine, a number of the crafts in our house are book-related.  I thought I’d start sharing some of our more bookish creations on The Scop.  First up, a series of shadowboxes we made for our bookshelves:

The inside is cut from pages of an old German hymnal.   Here are a few pics from an angle: 

But the coolest part is when we put lights in the frames: 

Neat, eh?  In the coming weeks I’ll try to post some other book-related crafts (mostly Mary’s).  If you’ve made anything bookish and awesome, send me some pics and I’ll feature it!

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  • Rebecca says:

    Those shadowboxes are absolutely stunning! Gorgeous.

  • Roboseyo says:

    I think you have shadowboxes on your shelves so that you can hide the books you’re embarrassed to be reading behind them.

    Behind your shadowboxes, you have stacks and stacks of Animorphs, Goosebumps, and Babysitters’ Club books. And the Twilight series. Admit it.

  • Rebecca: Thanks! Also, welcome to the blog!

    Rob: Nonsense; my twilight books are prominently featured beneath my Edward Shrine — I’ve stacked them to make a kneeler.

  • Roboseyo says:

    Sounds sparkly!

  • Brian F. says:

    Wowsers. Can she teach me to do that? Probably not. I have no artistic abilities whatsoever. But those are gorgeous.

  • Jana says:

    I keep coming back to this portfolio of book art lately…

  • Julie says:

    I second the sentiment of “Gorgeous!”

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