Guess What Came in the Mail Yesterday?!?!




I Promptly gobbled up all the Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) that my publisher sent me.  However, if you’re coming to ALA this summer, there will be zillions of copies available for free!1

  1. If you’re a book blogger and you aren’t going to be at ALA, let me know and I’ll have the a copy sent to you post-haste!

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  • Congrats Jonathan!!!

  • NotNessie says:

    That’s so exciting! Congratulations!

  • That looks incredible, man…I’m pre-ordering myself a copy presently.

  • Mike Lewis says:

    Way to capture that moment! My 4th graders loved it. They thrive on enthusiasm, as one of them put it. They’re arguing right now over who get to read it first next year.

    Just reminded them, they’ll be fifth graders and not my students.

    I just got the most disgusted look.

    Now they’re trying to threaten me into buying multiple copies.

    I’ve happily agreed. And now I have some library organizers. Not their choice.

    Congrats from 145!

    Thanks for putting that up, promoting that excitement for reading really makes all the difference in the world!

  • James says:

    i am CRAZY excited to read your book.
    i’m considering becoming a book blogger just to get a copy and review it.

    (…also, i noticed that Dan Savage will be at the ALA event- could you ask him some “personal” questions for me?)

  • Thank you guys for your support and enthusiasm. I’m seriously excited to hear what you think of this book (available this AUGUST!)!!!

  • Sean Epstein-Corbin says:

    OMG. I’m gonna read the behizzle out of that book! Congrats, Jonathan. You earned it thrice over (minimum).

  • Sean: Wait, is “reading the behizzle out of” a text some fancy critical theory practice? Was Behizzle a neo-Marxist theorist? Post-structuralist? Either way, I look forward to hearing you present a paper on it at MLA 2012…

  • Katie A says:

    I am a blogger who sadly won’t be at ALA – I would love to read Peter Nimble!

  • Mark Appert says:

    Congratulations Jonathan! Brilliant, a children s book that was made edible intentionally! I wish I’d have thought of that… you know you want to devour one….whats the shelf life?

  • Jenna says:

    I just finished the book and felt compelled to tell you how absolutely fantastic and amazing it is. It was one of those books this is bittersweet to finish. You are happy to know the end, but sad to leave such a charming world. I just sent the following review to the publisher via netgalley…
    Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes cannot merely be called a story.
    It is in fact, an EPIC ADVENTURE! From start to finish the book grabs you by the, well, “eyes” and won’t let go. All at once it reminded me of some of the best adventure epics – Peter Pan, Percy Jackson, and The Princess Bride. And while those may seem lofty comparisons, the truth is that Peter, oh so nimbly, rests right alongside them. This is book practically begs to be read aloud – orphans, master thieves, sword fights, and shipwrecks. Really , what more could you ask for? Magical eyes? Messages in a bottle? Mysterious haberdasher? Yep, it has those too, all wrapped up in a charming story filled with fun and a little wordplay thrown in for good measure. It will absolutely be one of my first classroom read alouds this fall. The Newberry Committee had better be paying some serious attention to this one!

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