Mary brought back the mail today. In the pile was a contract from my agent for a Korean edition of Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes! The publisher will be Sodam & Taeil.

I have exactly one friend living in Korea. He teaches English and runs a popular K-blog. Maybe he’ll make his students buy copies? In the meantime, here’s an awesome monster attack from the 2006 movie The Host. Warning: contains a monster.

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  • Roboseyo says:

    :) once it’s on shelves, I’ll totally plug it for you.

  • John Wheeler says:

    Hey, Kongrats on your Korean Koup. That’s Kreat Knews.

    You might also look at Pilgrim’s Progress and it’s playful use of evocative names, e.g. the giant Despair, etc. 1690s I believe.

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