No, We’re Not Playing Battleship …

More than once Mary and I have found ourselves with a problem: two people, one book.

This is the sort of thing that can destroy a marriage. (We barely survived the Deathly-Hallows-Shortage of ’07.) The problem most recently came up with DM Cornish’s Lamplighter1. And so we came up with a “novel solution”…

This is the first of many scans I will be posting from my journals, which contain all manner of ridiculous pictures, trivia, and insightful quotes (like the one in the marginalia box up on the right). That’s it!

  1. 1. a book about which I have many, many thoughts … more to come

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  • Craig Chapman says:

    Erin’s and my solution to the D-H-S of ’07 (A book about which I have a few thoughts): After attending a midnight premiere complete with costume (we dressed up as Harry’s parents, behind a custom Mirror of Erised…we have photos for proof) – Erin read the book aloud as I drove home. I do like your solution – though I think I’m too fidgety a reader to commit to one posture for that long. But – marriage is about commitment.

  • Craig: You can’t just SAY you have a homemade Mirror of Erised without giving PICTURES! Pony up!

  • This EXACT same thing happened to us with THE WALKING DEAD. Basically, I read way more, so CH always says he should be able have first dibs on everything with a pointed look at my overburdened TBR shelf. Whatever…

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